Community Service

Situated in one of the smaller barangays of San Fernando’s northern part, Del Rosario Elementary School is more than just a center for basic education. Every year, we proactively participate in charity, humanitarian and civic efforts to make a positive contribution to our community.

Despite being a public school that is not overflowing with resources, we do our best to pitch in our time, effort and talents to do good things for our environment and the people around it. Here are some of the community service works that we join year in and year out:

  • Cleanup drives
  • Health missions
  • Alay Lakad
  • Relief operations
  • Elections
  • Evacuation during natural disasters
  • Tree-planning
  • Recycling
  • Cultural events and festivals

Together with our faculty, the students, the parents and local government units, we stand ready to provide help to our fellowmen commensurate to our capability. We consider our community service program to not just be an act of servitude to the country, but also as a source of learning activities that will build the character of our pupils.